Walter Jenkel’s Unguarded Boy Toy Photography

Walter Jenkel is a photographer from Barcelona with a knack for capturing young men in their natural habitat: rebellious, unguarded and comfortably shirtless.

Jenkel’s most compelling photos feature boys just being boys, whether that means playing around with a controller or a loaded gun. Such boyish pursuits — video games and make believe violence — are treated in equal light in Walter Jenkel’s photography. The photos have an un-retouched, voyeuristic quality to them that makes them look like intimate snapshots, rather than elaborate photoshoots.

This quality certainly makes the male models more at ease, as the pouty-lipped Gerard Urbano and Ruben Rico take turns posing shirtless on a bed, stroking a live fox and straddling an inflatable dolphin.

Photos: Walter Jenkel Facebook

Oscar Raymundo
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