Does This Final Fantasy Hero Look “Gay”?

Square Enix, the company responsible for the epic Final Fantasy video game franchise, is not very fond of exposed butt-play apparently. The video game developer decided to cover up the male hero of its upcoming Mobius Final Fantasy installment after his skimpy outfit was deemed “too slutty.” Some fans even referred to it as “gay.” Yep, because gay people go to work everyday wearing this:


The outfit was redesigned to cover up a little bit more of his side torso and butt. Square Enix designers also gave the character a super manly popped-up collar… Good, because exposed neck is just so slutty and gay.


Sure, some gay guys with hot bods tend to show it off (NSFW). But so do straight guys! Half-naked straight bros make the pilgrimage to their sacred land of Coachella every year showing off every pimple on their lower back and the top of their butt crack. And calling this Final Fantasy outfit “slutty” and “gay” totally misses the real eyesore: those godawful tribal tattoos. They’re far worst than some side-butt showing, in my opinion.

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Other gamers had concerns that the skimpy costume was just too impractical for the hero in an action game. If he were to swing his sword the wrong way he would slash open the side of his butt! Which, I guess, would be a legitimate concern if only Square Enix didn’t have a tradition of putting female characters, who also tackle enemies in battle, in fashion bikinis. pulled up some illustrative examples below. Not even Borat, himself, could pull off some of these obnoxious looks:


Seriously, Square Enix needs to get a grip. If they want to have female outfits depicting sideboob, underboob and even create gratuitous “boob windows” in their outfits, then the male heroes need to bare a little skin, too. It’s called equal opportunity objectification. Or if Square Enix and Final Fantasy fans think male heroes need more practical costumes, then give women characters the badass armor they deserve.

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