Eireann Dolan & Sean Doolittle: The Coolest Couple in Baseball

Eireann Dolan’s boyfriend Sean Doolittle plays for the Oakland A’s. So when she heard that the team would be hosting an LGBT Pride Night on June 17, she was delighted. And so were her two moms.
Eireann’s enthusiasm didn’t last long, however. She wrote on her blog that she was saddened to see some of the public’s response to the team’s LGBT inclusion, especially when she heard that “many season ticket holders (certainly not all of them) indicated a desire to sell their tickets to that game so they wouldn’t have to attend.” Seriously?

But in order to keep Pride Night a sold-out family affair, Eireann offered to buy as many tickets as she could from the narrow-minded neanderthals who might feel “uncomfortable” attending the game.

“From there, I will donate any tickets I purchase to the Bay Area Youth Center’s Our Space community for underserved LGBT youth,” she wrote. “That way you don’t have to feel uncomfortable, and the seats don’t go to waste. It’s win-win.”

Win-win, indeed! But that’s not all. Her classy response touched the hearts of so many A’s fans, who donated their tickets or donated money to buy more tickets for LGBT youth. With overwhelming support, Eireann launched a GoFundMe campaign that ended up raising almost $35,000 in about a week to help buy tickets. Whatever donated funds remain after game tickets are purchased will be evenly divided between Our Space, AIDS Project East Bay and Frameline, the San Francisco LGBT film fest.

‘The Our Space youth are completely blown away by the outpouring of generosity and love coming at them through Eireann and Sean’s campaign. It’s beautiful to watch,” said Stephanie Perron, Program Director at Our Space. “We’re so grateful to Eireann and Sean and all of the people who donated and spread the word so that the youth at Our Space, and the LBGTQ community as a whole will get to have a Pride Night they’ll never forget.”

“We’re happy to show the teens and young adults that they always have a family in the A’s community, no matter what their own personal family situation might be,” added Eireann.

sean dolittle Eireann dolan

Within a day of the GoFundMe campaign going live, Eireann announced the the A’s had “already opened up THREE new seating sections (up from just one) for Pride Night to let even more people in on the fun.”

Eireann’s two moms certainly have every reason to be proud on Pride Night.

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