Majoring in Britney Spears 101

If Northwestern had offered a course on Britney Spears‘ life, career and influence, let’s just say I would’ve graduated summa cum laude, bitch.

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Since December, two self-professed pop scholars from Brooklyn have been offering a semi-serious, sold-out workshop on all things Britney: what her rise to fame, her meltdown and her comeback all meant through a lens of pop culture feminism.

“She’s sort of this lightning rod for women who think about sexuality and other women in pop music,” Cosmo intern Hannah Orenstein told The Daily Beast after taking the Britney workshop.

For those of us who won’t be able to take this course, we can still try and major in Britney 101. Here are a few rare gems from Britney Spears’ provocative life and illustrious career to consider as required reading.

1. The nudilicious “Toxic” director’s cut (must watch in HD)

2. Britney’s W magazine photoshoot in 2003

3. Kevin Federline films Britney getting stoned

4. Britney Spears’ super talented tongue

5. Britney’s “Self Control” demo from the Blackout era

6. Britney’s riveting turn as a Candie’s saleswoman

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