Who’s Your Gay Lit Daddy?

You’d think writers would make the worst father figures. We’re neurotic, insecure, egotistical and downright batshit crazy.
But sometimes certain books just resonate and words can have a lasting influence on future generations. That is the concept behind Who’s Yer Daddy? an anthology collection of personal essays from gay writers celebrating the literary daddies who helped shape their perspective and point of view. A male queer literary legacy of sissy men using words to become brazen.

Who’s Yer Daddy? actual helps continue this lit daddy legacy as different generations converge within this book’s binding. While Mark Doty’s essay praises Walt Whitman, James Allen Hall’s essay discusses Doty’s own influence on his work.

The Lambda Award-winning anthology was edited by Jim Elledge and David Groff and includes contributions by Charles Rice-Gonzalez, Richard Blanco, Dale Peck, Charles Jensen, Saeed Jones, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Ellery Washington, K.M. Soehnlein and many others.

While most gay writers choose to hone in on celebrating a certain individual, the closing essay by Soehnlein is a tribute to the collective tribe of queer writers that came before him.

“I could list the writers who became important to me, though the point is not any single author’s influence but the collective understanding that we had our own literature, that we were accountable to each other, not to authority,” he writes.

You can grab Who’s Yer Daddy? at an independent bookstore near you.


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