Dreamboat Duel: Chris Pratt vs. Harrison Ford

After his star-making role in Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt has quickly become the most likable action hero on the big screen. His charming personality and the fact that he does not take himself too seriously has landed the actor leading roles in the upcoming Jurassic Park film and possibly as the next Indiana Jones. Oh, and that hot bod of his certainly doesn’t hurt.

Americans sure love a movie action hero with fistfuls of charisma and a cute, disarming mug, just look at the original Indiana Jones. Like Pratt, Harrison Ford portrayed the adventurous, no-bullshit action hero in the three original Stars Wars films, the three original Indiana Jones films and Blade Runner.

But while Chris Pratt is busy fake-laughing at Anna Faris’ fart jokes (just kidding, I love Anna Faris), Ford is still pulling off emergency landings of airplanes that malfunction in mid-air. So who’s your all-time favorite action hero with a personality? Check out the hot pictures of both actors in their prime to help you decide.

Harrison Ford

Chris Pratt

Oscar Raymundo
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