Why You Shouldn’t Regret Your One-Night Stands

Next time you find yourself fleeing from a one-night stand, don’t do the walk of shame. Instead hold your head high and stride with pride. You are on your way to finding “the one.”

New research suggests that something good can come out of sneaking out of a hookup’s bed before breakfast. According to the annual “Singles in America” study, one-night stands and long-term relationships are not mutually exclusive, and casual flings can in fact be a starting point towards intimacy, monogamy and even marriage.

The study found that 66 percent of single men and 50 percent of single women had been in a one-night stand, whether it was a friends-with-benefits situation or a hit-it-and-quit-it type deal. Out of those hookups, 27 percent of them eventually turned into a long-term, committed relationship.

“We humans are a romantic tribe,” writes researcher Helen Fisher in Nautilus science magazine. Fisher makes the claim that one-night stands, casual flings, easy sex, random hookups and friends-with-benefits all represent our human inclination towards “slow love,” or getting to know our partner intimately and sexually before fully committing. It’s the test drive required before long-term love.

“Because feelings of attachment emerge with time, slow love is natural,” Fisher continues. “In fact, rapidly committing to a new partner before the liquor of attachment has emerged may be more risky to long-term happiness than first getting to know a partner via casual sex, friends with benefits and living together. Sexual liberalism has aligned our courtship tactics with our primordial brain circuits for slow love.”

So fire up Tinder tonight and plan a hookup with at least four guys, five if you want the odds in your favor. Statistically speaking, one of them could turn out to be your long-term love.

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