Why Straight Guys Are Attracted to Other Guys

Some straight guys have confessed to getting turned on by watching gay porn [NSFW], and it turns out that straight guys attracted to guys is perfectly natural. These gay fantasies are, in fact, an “essential part of human evolution.” In some cases it can even lead two straight men to fall in love.

A new study conducted by the University of Portsmouth has found that homosexual attraction and desire is nature’s way of establishing a bond between members of the same sex. This sex-driven bonding mechanism is at play even if both members happen to straight. Think of it as male bonding on aphrodisiacs.

“Because sexual behavior is intimate and pleasurable, it is also used in many species, including non-human primates, to help form and maintain social bonds,” said Dr. Diana Fleischman, who authored the study. “We can all see this in romantic couples who bond by engaging in sexual behavior even when reproduction is not possible.”

The research linked these homoerotic fantasies in heterosexuals to the hormone progesterone, responsible for establishing human affiliation. The study indicates that this hormone might have had something to do with humans forging relationships, alliances and teamwork dating back to the dawn of man.

So there you have it, the science of bicuriosity. Progesterone, once fueling the survival instincts of primitive hunter-gatherers, is now responsible for steamy bromances and confused fratboy fantasies.

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Oscar Raymundo
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