Meet Australia’s First Openly Gay Bobsledder

Yum alert! Winter sports are sure to heat up this year with one super sexy athlete in the mix.
Simon Dunn is the first openly gay guy to represent Australia in bobsledding, the high-speed sport of racing down narrow ice tracks in sleds. Dunn has recently found Instagram fame as a certified hottie with a great beard, a hairy bod and an even sexier accent. Listen to it here.

Bonus: he’s also a rugby player for the Sydney Convicts. This guy is like something straight out of a dreamboat laboratory. And of course he looks great clean-shaven as well.

“Rugby is an easy crossover sport to bobsleigh,” Dunn told SameSame, “as the training is similar and the main idea is to run hard and fast.

Hard and fast it is. The Aussie stud is currently raising money to help him make it to the PyeongChang Olympics in 2018. You can donate here.

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Oscar Raymundo
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