Meeting Dad’s New Boyfriend

“I’ll never forget the first time Jesse, my partner, met my son Henry.”
That’s how this formerly straight, single dad retells the story of introducing his new boyfriend to his kid. The introduction itself was uneventful, a trip to the grocery store, suggested by the gay dad’s ex-wife. What followed was a one-of-a-kind experience in blending families and learning the best way of explaining gender roles to five year olds. And it hasn’t always been easy.

“Grasping the roles that we all fill in our new family dynamic hasn’t been easy for the kids, nor does the explanation that the reason daddy doesn’t live at home anymore is because he likes boys,” the dad wrote for the Good Men Project.

It’s difficult enough to introduce a new partner to children, especially as a result of the instability and fear that comes after parental divorce. Thrown in there a side of same-sex, and this dad has got his work cut out for him. Thankfully he has an understanding boyfriend and an even far more understanding ex-wife.

“In the heteronormative world we live in there’s not a lot of programming on Netflix to introduce to a child the concept of a same-sex couple. The word ‘gay’ doesn’t really mean anything to a five-year-old; it underscores the fact that we all start with a blank slate. Discrimination is a learned behavior,” he continued.

p.s. This dad is not the first to have a change of heart when it comes to sexual orientation. Meet the once straight roommates who fell madly in love.

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