14 Sexiest Rugby Players of All Time

There is no denying that rugby players rank among the sexiest athletes in the world. Rugby combines the ruggedness of American football with the fit bod required to score soccer goals. So it’s no surprise that some of the sexiest rugby players are now constantly posing as magazine cover models and get recruited to appear in sexy male calendars.
Whenever a rugby player takes off his shirt (and they happen to do so quite frequently, on and off the field) it’s a reason to celebrate. So here are 14 reasons to get on our knees and thank god for our favorite sport.

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Kayne Lawton

Thom Evans

Frédéric Michalak

James Haskell

Stuart Reardon

David Pocock

George Burgess

Josh Mansour

Matt Cooper

David Shillington

David “Wolfman” Williams

Alex Cheesman

Ben Foden

Daniel Carter

Oscar Raymundo
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