Fifty Shades of Domestic Abuse

The popular Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has garnered harsh criticism regarding the distorted depiction of a healthy BDSM relationship (not to mention the writing quality).
Now the frisky franchise is the subject of even more harmful connotations. Last week the Journal of Women’s Health published a study revealing a disturbing link between Fifty Shades and domestic abuse.

Young women who reported having read the first book in the series were more likely to have been victims of verbal abuse and stalking by a partner. Female Fifty Shades readers were also more likely to participate in diet fads, fasting and binge drinking.

But before we blame the trilogy for destroying female self-esteem, we need to understand that the published study simply proves a correlation — not causation. Having read Fifty Shades does not encourage women to become involved with abusive partners and victims of domestic abuse are not necessarily drawn to read the book.

Researchers are planning on further investigating this interesting link, however. Could trashy fiction really have a measurable effect on society, relationships and gender roles?

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