‘Looking’ to Make a Splash in Russian River

Folsom Street Fair. Weekends at Dolores Park. Tech company parties inside repurposed naval structures. During its first season, Looking tried hard to encapsulate several authentic, if not obviously quintessential, experiences of gay men living in San Francisco. So it should come as no surprise that to kick off its second season, the cast and crew are taking the boys to Guerneville, the nearby frisky, sunny gay resort town.
The local casting agency that helped the producers fill up Dolores Park last year with “hipsters, college students, people in work-out clothes, hippie/druggie/musician types and homeless” extras has sent out another open casting call for paid extras to join the local Looking cameo bandwagon.

According to the agency, the first episode of the second season will shoot next week in Guerneville in what sounds like a TV depiction of Lazy Bear Weekend. Hordes of shirtless and “nude-willing” young gay beach-goers, canoers and swimmers will recreate a “Bear beach hangout” on the Russian River.

The call specifies that, “real couples encouraged, especially nude-willing men.” Which could also make for a very effective Scruff headline, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Here’s some photographic evidence that Russian River has been “nude-willing” since the 70’s! And you know this is totally the aesthetic that HBO will try to evoke with this whole scenario.


The first episode will also include an “LGBT Forest Party” (but in Oakland!) that will feature butch lesbian types and transgender men. I’m not entirely sure if this will be incorporated in the overall gay resort town getaway storyline, as Lazy Bear Weekends in Russian River do tend to culminate in forest bonfires with lots of “nude-willing” times happing in the wilderness all around.

“Nude-willing” actually seems to be a prerequisite for getting cast in this two-day shoot, which makes sense considering Russian River is infamously clothing-optional. Transportation to and from Guerneville will be provided, as well as meals — but probably BYO sunblock. If you’re interested in appearing nude on HBO, send an email with this information to lookingextras@gmail.com.

No word yet on whether they will also be casting “confused families who did not know how gay Russian River actually is.” Just, you know, to get that authentic feel.

Featured Photo: HBO.

Russian River 1978 Photo: Flickr

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  • muy interesantes las locaciones de los primeros capítulos de la segunda temporada de Looking, ya quiero que se estrene !!!
    Saludos desde México!

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