Jamie Dornan Heats Up Instagram

Model-turned-actor Jamie Dornan landed one of the most objectifiable roles in Hollywood: S&M-loving playboy Christian Grey in the upcoming film adaptation of the salacious tome Fifty Shades of Grey.
Months before the film’s premiere, Dornan is allowing eager fans to drool on photos of his sexy bod by joining the ultimate hub of gratuitous vanity: Instagram. Unfortunately, the actor is too busy being a total stud to upload as often as our collective hearts’ desire. Almost a week in, he has only uploaded one selfie, and it’s not even shirtless!

To inspire Jamie to bare all for the social photo app, we’ve created a collage of some of the actor’s most, um, memorable looks as seen through a steamy, hot-and-heavy filter. Check out our man crush in the bathtub, in the shower, on all fours and getting all his clothes ripped off — just how we like him.

Now if only Instagram were not as tyrannical over explicit imagery, we could have him uploading all of his nude NSFW photos from a few years back.

Oscar Raymundo
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