NY Times Uncovers Gay Men Dating on Instagram

We now Facebook stalk our potential mates, bombard them with texts and emails, Google the crap out of them trying to decipher whether they are “husband material.”
“In one sense, much dating is now online dating,” is the trend this New York Times tech blogger has just uncovered. One that I wrote about back in April.

Technology has revolutionized the way we meet and mingle, and it’s not just the explicit dating services of OkCupid, Tinder and Grindr that are fueling our desire to connect. We now also have hijacked pure social media platforms, especially visually-driven ones like Instagram or anonymous playgrounds like Secret, to fulfill our uniquely human passions.

The lead of the NY Times dating 2.0 story is a young, hip, Brooklyn-based media gay. Aren’t they all?

“After a handsome stranger began to follow him on Instagram and ‘like’ his selfies, Steven began to follow the new acquaintance right back. The two flirted online and used Instagram’s private messaging feature to chat. Ultimately, they agreed on dinner and drinks.”

Funny thing is that Instagram does not really have a “private messaging feature.” It does have a Direct way to share photos with a subsection of your followers, or in Steve’s case just one follower. And you can’t send just a message, it’s got to include a photo. Something tells me that using this feature to “flirt” involved even more selfies with less clothing, among photos of other body parts.

Stay tuned for that requisite dating 2.0 story on people hooking up with their Uber and Lyft drivers.

p.s. Interested to learn more about gay male dating habits on Instagram? Read my 2012 article on the topic, Load More.

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