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Dating site HowAboutWe has released the nine different phrases used to describe “pre-exclusive relationships.” From booty calls to friends with benefits to pretty-much-married, HowAboutWe’s relationship guide simplifies the often complicated road towards committed, monogamous coupledom. Check out the phrases below and see if you and your sexy crush can be defined.

1. Ongoing Booty Call
This type of relationship is reliable but based totally around being DTF, usually after a disappointing drunk night out.


2. Friends with Benefits
So you decide to add a no-strings-attached mentality when it comes to having sex with a guy you are not totally opposed to hanging out with on weekends.


3. Talking
It’s pretty clear you fancy this fella, and the feelings are mutual but you are waiting to have “the talk.” Instead, you opt for “just talking.”


4. Lovers
So you have an intimate physical and emotional relationship with this dude but for whatever reason, you are not fully committed.


5. Dating
You do the dinner and a movie routine with this mister, and you may be doing the dinner and movie routine with several misters at once and no one can judge.


6. Seeing Each Other
You are interested in moving the relationship forward and “seeing” if this main squeeze can become your one and only.


7. Ex with Sex
You shut the door on a past love but left a tiny window wide open. Sex with an ex can be rewarding, especially if it’s less complicated than being in a full-blown relationship with this hottie. This type of relationship should only ever be considered if you and your ex remain single, of course.


8. Pretty Much Exclusive
You and your potential future husband end up spending so much time together that it’s physical impossible for either of you to be sleeping with anyone else.


9. Significant Frother
You do not end up together, but everyone thinks you two should have. Think Katie Holmes and James Vander Beek at the very finale of Dawson’s Creek.

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