Cooling Down with Hot Rugby Players

Out on the field, rugby players are all hot and sweaty. And that’s even before getting tackled by a bunch of fellow hunks. After an intense game, these guys’ body temperature gets even higher.
Luckily, Australian rugby star Josh Mansour has a solution for all those steamy nights: an ice cold bath. After losing a challenge, Josh was forced to dip his hot bod in ice water wearing only a speedo. Never the sore loser, he shared two Instagram videos of the icy ritual, GIFs of which follow right below for our viewing pleasure. His loss has now become our collective win.

Where was this guy when I was putting together my list of sexiest male athletes? Check out this awesome line from his Wikipedia page: “His positions of choice are Fullback, Wing or Centre, however due to his versatility he can also play Five Eighth.” Me love a versatile Australian rugby player. His full Instagram videos are below.

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