How to Dance with Your iPhone

The last thing some people do before they go to bed is kiss their iPhones goodnight. Some people wake up every day, not to the sun beaming through their windows, but to the gentle vibrations caused by their iPhone alarm going off. Some people consider their iPhones their best friends and their loyal confidantes.
So it makes sense that a company would harness the connection we’ve developed with our devices to create an app that opens up the the possibility to dance with your iPhones. Part two-person game, part choreographed dance routine, Bourden was created by a Dutch design firm in collaboration with the Dutch National Ballet.

The New Yorker described the Bourden gameplay as follows: “two players hold the phone from opposite ends and guide a cursor through a sort of maze on the screen while music plays; the shape of the maze forces the players to twist, spin, and loop around and under each other, as in a dance.”

Bourden promises users a good time, whether they elegantly go through the whimsical choreography or get tangled along the steps. Whatever you do, just don’t drop your best friend on the floor… I mean, your iPhone.

Oscar Raymundo
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