The World’s Most Epic Travel Selfie

For my birthday, I asked to get one of those sticks that you attach to your camera to take better selfies. My boyfriend thought the idea was “stupid,” but now — thanks to a fearless globetrotter — I can show him the type of awesome images that can be captured with a GoPro and one of those stupid stick things.
Meet Alex Chacon, the motorcyclist who spent three years riding around the world and taking video selfies along the way. After spending 600 days riding his bike over 125,000 miles through 36 countries, he edited together the videos he took on his far-reaching journey to create the most epic selfie video compilation ever. Fittingly, he is now known on social media as the #EpicSelfieGuy. The videos capture Alex, sometimes posing with enthusiastic locals, and a 360-degree panorama of the exotic global destination behind him.

Watch the short but inspiring video compilation above and go get yourself a passport and a rotating camera stick thing-y!

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