Can a Human Love a Robot?

We already know that by the year 2050 humans will be having mad monkey sex with sexbots, but will love play a role? Can humans love a robot?
As these robots evolve to better integrate into humans’ social sphere, researchers are beginning to discover our collective power to fall in love with these machines. There is even a new field of study to explore these issues: Human-Robots Interactions or H.R.I.

“Provided with the right behavioral cues, humans will form relationships with just about anything — regardless of what it looks like. Even a stick can trigger our social promiscuity,” wrote The New York Times.

So this might explain how attached we’ve become to the apps on our smartphones.

The mass introduction of robots into our daily lives will cloud our judgement in differentiating between objects and agents. Humans don’t question the motives of objects — why a cloud floats across the sky — but discerning the motives of agents, like robots or that crush who won’t text you back, can drive us crazy.

“We’re hard-wired, in other words, to attribute states of mind to fellow beings — even dumb robots, provided they at least appear autonomous. But little things — how fast an agent is moving, whether it changes its movements in response to our own — can alter how we interpret what it’s thinking.”

Similarly, robots can be programmed to toy with out emotions, manipulate the way we think about them. What if a robot was programmed to fall in love with you? Would our human brain be able to snap out of it or would we fall victim to our humanly emotions?

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