Chicago Gets ‘Unbridled’ for Sultry Burlesque

[dropcap background=”yes” color=”#333333″ size=”50px”]T[/dropcap]he Windy City has gotten frisky. Downtown Chicago’s Prohibition-era throwback supper club, Untitled, has enlisted the finest, full-bodied burlesque dancers, contortionists, fire-breathers and carnival-caliber performers for its weekly Unbridled Thursdays, a contemporary, tasteful take on all things taboo.
The night begins with an American Horror Story-style video introduction, but before your first appetizer is served you have beautiful women of all shapes and colors stomping on the main dining table which serves as a secondary stage. The women dance to the beat of their own drum, shedding selective items of clothing along the way.

Although the general feel of the night is that of an underground speakeasy (the entrance to Untitled is unmarked) the dancers are free to experiment with the theme and era of their erotic performance. When I was there the numbers ranged from sexy doll burlesque to gypsy-esque belly dancing to Foxy Brown striptease to Burning Man-style glow stick routine — all in one night.

The Unbridled show kicks off every Thursday at 10:30pm at Untitled.

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