Humanity on Display

South Korean photographer Atta Kim does not shy away from capturing the spectrum of human relationships — from first dates to passive prostitutes — in The Museum Project.
Kim’s most striking images feature nude bodies, contorted to defy gravity and put up on a pedestal for all to admire, much like the artwork in a museum.

“A museum is a place where historical objects are placed as barometers of present, past, and future. The Museum Project is about creating my own private museum that displays very basic human elements—basic violence, sex, and ideology, etc.—in a clear glass box. Thus, if the museum is a place where the dead live forever, my museum is a place that lives forever with what is already alive. My models inside the glass boxes become live relics,” the photographer told The Morning News.

Below are selected photographs from Atta Kim’s The Museum Project series.

p.s. Voyeur of sordid lives? Check out artist Martin Gutierrez’s live sex doll photograph series.

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