The Next Cards Against Humanity?

[dropcap background=”yes” color=”#333333″ size=”50px”]H[/dropcap]ave you and your friends gone through all of the expansion packs to Cards Against Humanity and need to fill a game night void? How about a game where players try to come up with a poem or a song about… “the worst date ever,” “your daddy issues” and “things I learned in jail.”
Lyric Abuse is a new game aiming to reinvent the group game rules brought to drunken living room gatherings all over the country with a creative — dare I say, literary — spin. Just think of it as a “modern-day poetry contest with absurd themes.”

The game was created by a group of San Franciscans with a deep sense of irony and LGBT sensibilities. Co-creator James Loduca describes his wacky game as “perfect for game night, weekend getaways, holidays with the family—it can even be adapted as a drinking game!” Did someone say, drinking?

As some of you may know, I am a rap star at heart, and Lyric Abuse is not immune to Drake-like delusions of grandeur. Have to come up with a rap about booking your next travel? How about…

You book on TripAdvisor
We use Five Star Alliance
Wish I could be much nicer
Don’t mind my noncompliance


Lyric Abuse is currently in Kickstarter phase, so make sure to donate money to this hilarious gem and get ready for riotous game night for you and your fellow Nobel Laureates.

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