Love in the Time of Banksy

[dropcap background=”yes” color=”#333333″ size=”50px”]F[/dropcap]rom a street-facing wall outside a charity club for boys to the Bristol Museum, Mobile Lovers sure loves to hop around. The latest believed-to-be-Banksy street art depicting lovers looking at their smartphones was removed from the club wall by police, only to reappear inside the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery days later.
The painting on the wall has become an instahit with visitors and their smartphones. Over the weekend, the kidnapped exhibit drew crowds of 10,000 art fans. Banksy has yet to make a statement to confirm he is, in fact, the artist responsible for the hyped centerpiece.

10262086_698245936885689_6759086018562011280_n 10011371_698245943552355_7042512320982861331_n > on April 16, 2014 in Bristol, England.

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