Animal Mating Habits, Humanized

Female spotted hyenas are such power tops they have a pseudo-penis that is bigger than their male counterparts when fully erect. Consider it nature’s anti-rape mechanism.
With a lack of sexual taboos, Bonobos are always DTF. If two males are interested in the same female, they will just have sex with each other to alleviate tension and strengthen their friendship bond. It’s the epitome of homosocial desire.

The most common tamarin monkey family structure consists of one female and two males. The sneaky small cuttlefish male gender-bends to enter a larger male’s lair and mate with his female partner. There are different types of side-blotched lizard males and ruff bird males that use various testosterone-fueled tactics to nail a mate.

Interested in the interesting ways these animals mate? Check out the illustration below.


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