What’s with All These Instagram Couples? Is Instagram the New Tinder?

Photographer Musrad Osmann and his girlfriend, journalist Nataly Zakharova, are now more widely known as the hand-holding, jet-setting Instagram couple. Together, they captured our collective imagination with their severely stylized viral photo series titled “Follow Me To.” Osmann and Zakharova have even inspired copycat couples, fellow creatives looking to showcase their love and intimacy on social media.
Heck, nowadays an Instagram couple doesn’t need to have a beautifully-filtered aspirational lifestyle in order to make headlines. All they have to do is simply get engaged.

With this recent human interest in real-life relationships blooming on the popular photo-sharing app, there’s no doubt that Instagram has been taken over by lovers. Similar to seeing an ad, reading a fashion magazine or drooling over a five-star penthouse suite you can’t afford, stumbling upon a fun-loving, globe-trotting, non-celeb couple on Instagram inspires our own delusions that our happily ever after is just another Amaro filter away.

After all, Instagram does a great job of covering up all the ugly blemishes in a relationship. Where is that photo of Zakharova holding Osmann’s hand and leading him to take out the garbage?

Sure it may have all the aspirational ego-boosting of online dating, but can Instagram spark the type of matchmaking to rival dating sites like OkCupid and Tinder that are custom built to create love connections? Elite Daily writes:

“Both dating site bios and social media profiles are undeniably the versions of ourselves we want to world to see and consider, but there’s often a disconnect between the confident online self and the actual individual nervously checking for ‘likes’ behind the computer screen.”

Social anxieties aside, it’s difficult to ignore the impact of social media on how it facilitates meeting and mingling with strangers-turned-lovers. I’ve been asked out on dates via Twitter. I have female friends that have been hit on by men browsing their LinkedIn profile. My college dorm mate met her husband through Facebook, when it was still just college-based and you could easily navigate for people with similar interests.

Looking to tap into the power of social media to bring people together in real life, Glimpse is a new dating app that uses your Instagram profile to match you up with potential partners, your #Instacrushes, if you will. The app is currently invitation-only, but single folks out there consider this your lucky day. I got us an in!

Confessions of a Boy Toy readers can check out the app with invite code: d58a480

p.s. But wait… does social media mess with our memories? Similarly, do smartphones mess with our heads and our hearts?

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