How Men Really Feel About Using Condoms

Let’s just say that latex has never been the primal man’s weapon of choice. But even though men don’t love the idea of all that rubber-y action under the sheets, that doesn’t mean that we are willing to sacrifice our sexual health for some skin-to-skin contact.
According to two new sex studies, the way sex feels may not be as vital a priority as protecting oneself from HIV and other STDs. The International Journal of Sexual Health has revealed the results from two studies conducted on college campuses. The studies asked over 600 students ages 18-42 to take identical online surveys about their opinions on using a condom during sex.

The results showed that men felt more bummed out about having to use condoms than women did. Regardless, both genders believed in the importance of using condoms, and both genders indicated strong intentions about using condoms.

Another common myth is that barebacking, or having sex without condoms, just feels better, but an earlier study conducted by The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that both men and women enjoy sex just as much using condoms as they did barebacking. Long live the condom! Looks like our tiny, latex life-saver is here to stay.

The key here is to communicate with your partner about your expectations and intentions around safe sex. Don’t be afraid to bring up the subject before stripping down to your socks. As these studies prove, men might not be so against the idea as we might think and safe sex can be just as rewarding. Men who are adamant about not using condoms, especially with first time partners, might be full of it.

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