SF Album Project: The Stud Does Art Drag for Music Nerds

Have you ever asked yourself what OK Computer would be like if it were re-interpreted by gender illusionists with an affinity for special effects? For concept albums now have concept drag shows in San Francisco. The San Francisco Album Project, a collective of queer performers, is about presenting mind-blowing stage works based on music by Radiohead, Nirvana and Prince.
Their sold-out shows at The Chapel and The Victoria Theater captivated audiences with the creative liberties taken from OK Computer and Nevermind. The team responsible for these bold imaginings Marke B. described as a merry mix of as “drag performers, stage technicians, theatrical personages and tasteful club kids.” Peaches Christ is also somehow involved.

After five one-night-only performances, the Project is currently on hiatus, but co-creator Nathan Rapport assures us that the troupe of musical deviants will come back for a bigger (maybe even cheaper) show in the Fall. If you absolutely cannot wait, the kids are getting together for Rapport’s going-away and putting on a paired down Project inspired by “Like a Prayer” at The Stud on Sunday.

Check out some photos of these crazy theatrics.

p.s. Into art drag? Watch Some Thing’s fab take on Beyoncé’s new album.

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