LGBT Authors Love Almodóvar

Could it be that steamy performance by a young and yummy Antonio Banderas? Or maybe the inimitable pleasure of seeing camp actress Carmen Maura get totally drenched by a water hose?
Seriously, what’s not to love about Pedro Almodóvar’s Ley del Deseo (Law of Desire), the 1985 film Mike Albo called a “lusty, very gay, very urban story.” Albo shared his love for the Almodóvar flick with Lambda Literary last year when the gay lit organization asked several noted LGBT authors to name their favorite films of all time. “It is messy and passionate,” Albo continued, “and probably Almodovar’s least self-castigating film in terms of gayness (his later films seem to be so mean towards their gay characters, have you noticed?)”

Albo was not the only author to include an Almodóvar movie on his list. Steven Fullwood prefers the Spanish director’s later fare, like 2011’s The Skin I Live In also starring Antonio Banderas. Fullwood calls the film “a lyrical masterwork that concerns itself with taking apart the body’s largest organ, the skin.”

Other films that appeared on the Lambda Literary poll include, That Night (selected by Bryan Borland), Vertigo (selected by Nick Burd), Bound (selected by Staceyann Chin and Emma Donoghue), King Lear (selected by Alan Hollinghurst), Parting Glances (selected by Michael Bronski and Tom Léger), The Outsider (Edmund White) and Paris Is Burning (Emanuel Xavier).

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  • I love his films … they are messy and real … unlike the Hollywood ones, where you never see someone on the toilet for example. I find it hard to explain what exactly is so likable about his films . Probably I like his films, because he really lets you get to know the people in the story and make you care for them just that little bit more.

    • I totally agree. His characters are quirky but really lovable. And the guys are sexy 🙂 My favorite movie of his is “What Have I Done to Deserve This?!” an oldie but a goodie.

  • jhaythan jamison

    i like gay like you……

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