Berlin Sexpots Invite Us ‘In Their Room’

Director Travis Mathews and producer Jack Shamama are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the release of their pioneering collaboration with NakedSword — the art house skin flick I Want Your Love — by giving us a new feature film available to stream now for free.
The “quasi-narrative documentary” In Their Room: Berlin is a continuation of the provocative bedroom short film series that arguably launched the artsy, introspective depiction of gay sex on screen (cough, cough Looking).

“Ironically, I think it took a porn company to show that an artistically honest film could use sex in a way that wasn’t exploitative or gratuitous,” said NakedSword founder Tim Valenti. “You see it all over gay media now, from Blue Is the Warmest Color to Looking. Travis’s follow up film Interior. Leather Bar went to Sundance, got mainstream distribution and a glowing New York Times review. It’s funny to think that I Want Your Love got banned when we were showing it at festivals just last year.”

In Their Room: Berlin will give viewers an intimate peek at the lives of seven men as they sleep, eat and masturbate their way through life in Berlin for 24 hours.

“Berlin can be extremely unromantic, the city itself can be quite harsh, it can be cruel,” says one Berliner in the introduction. “Especially when you are gay and you are searching for tenderness and love.”

Check out the teaser trailer here and the sexy NSFW stills below, courtesy of the producers. If that tickles you the right way, then grab a cuddle buddy and watch the entire feature film on NakedSword. And if you want even more, you can buy I Want Your Love here.

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