Twin Shadow Illuminates RedBull’s SXSW Showcase

After a full week of show-hopping at South By, I finally arrived at The Belmont last Thursday night and was instantly enraptured by the gorgeous space. The Belmont is a two-story venue with a swanky lounge and an outdoor stage in a beautiful patio with ivy-covered brick walls.
It was here, at perhaps my favorite venue while I was in Austin, where RedBull hosted its four-day music showcases which brought artists like Sleigh Bells and Danny Brown to SXSW.


On Thursday, it was Twin Shadow who headlined the night with his luscious instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics. If you’ve been listening to my mixtapes, you know I’ve been a fan for a long time and was disappointed when they only played for about 15 minutes at Station to Station back in September. For RedBull’s Sound Select showcase, George Lewis Jr., the enigmatic man behind the Shadow and one sexy fucker, gave us a full set including hits like “Golden Light,” “Five Seconds” and “Old Love / New Love.”

Despite the fact that my only qualification for being a photographer is that I’m not totally blind, I somehow I snuck inside the photo pit at the beginning of the set and took over 100 photos.

Photographers are only allowed to snap photos during the first three songs of the set. However I was in such high spirits that I can’t even remember what the songs were. It was all a bit of a blur, so I’m glad I took enough pictures to create these GIF memories.


Gina and I, perfectly sober afterwards.

Gina getting distracted during our photo session.

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