7 Dreamy Artists Who Made Us Swoon at SXSW

One of the best parts about going to live shows is getting to see which of the bandmates you’d sleep with, at least that’s what I hear…
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Michael Garner, the Hunter Hunted lead singer, treated us to a sweet cover of the Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” at the Amazon/Dickie’s Roadhouse. Where was my mind? In the gutter.


We didn’t need any RedBull to keep our eyes peeled on Twin Shadow at the energy drink’s Sound Select bash. Frontman George Lewis Jr. had our hearts pounding all night.


London Grammar’s guitaris Dan Rothman is the Jonas Brother we don’t have to feel guilty obsessing about. His sexy guitar face left us drooling at the mtvU Woodies Festival.


Move over Macklemore, there’s another well-groomed white rapper on the horizon. G-Eazy was very easy on the eyes during his set at the Spotify patio party.


Cherub guitarist Jason Huber kept a tight grip on his instrument, even when he got all sweaty at the Pandora pad. This guy’s display of high-energy onstage left no one questioning his stamina.

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The founding member of Remix Artist Collective (RAC), André Allen Arjos kept the crowd cheering well into the night at the HypeHotel. We only wish we had gotten an invitation back to his hotel room.


St. Lucia frontman Jean-Philip Grobler graced us only once with his presence during SXSW. He showed us his breezy cool demeanor at the PayPal bash.

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