A Quickie with Andy Cohen

Real Housewives mastermind Andy Cohen is bringing is his quirky brand of funny to Austin next week as his Bravo late night show, Watch What Happens Live, takes over South By Southwest.
I chatted with Cohen about whether season villain Lisa Vanderpump will return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the sure-to-be-outlandish Lady Gaga music video featuring the Beverly Hills cast and what we can expect from his new television production company.

Browse through to hear Andy talk about his plans for SXSW, living his dream job and more.

0:12 Lady Gaga at SXSW popping out of a giant Doritos bag
0:45 What he can say about the forthcoming Gaga video featuring the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
2:00 The three-part Beverly Hills reunion
2:25 Is Lisa Vanderpump coming back?
3:07 On being accused of playing favorites among the Real Housewives
3:53 On what type of programming we can expect from his new production company
5:40 In casting reality TV is it now vital to have people with a built-in following?
6:45 Andy yawns…

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