Destination Daydream: Vacation Villas

For when the penthouse suite ain’t big enough for you and 13 of your closest friends, consider these vacation villas. Private helicopter, an island all to yourself, a ballroom for up to 200 dancers, these villas could serve as the lavish headquarters of all the James Bond villains. Don’t like to share the infinity pool with friends? You won’t have to, some of these bedrooms come with a private infinity pool of their own.
Ocean Villa (Villa 30) at Amanyara
Amanyara Resort, Provodenciales, Turks & Caicos

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This villa, also know as Villa 30, is made up of two master suites and two other bedrooms. The suites come with their own beachfront terrace, while the bedrooms have a view of the surprisingly tranquil volcanic rock infinity pool. Also included in the $8,850 per night price tag: a personal chef, housekeeper and golf buggies for daytime treks around the island.

Zephyr Palace
Herradura, Costa Rica

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Starting at $65,000 a week, this 20,000-square-foot property has seven master suites, all with their own private bathroom and infinity pool. And if you happen to get bored of the otherworldly ocean vistas from the comfort of your own bed, you can hop on the palace’s beach shuttle which runs every hour.

Private island off the coast of Ibiza, Spain

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And if your own infinity pool is not enough, how about your own goddamn private island. Welcome to this undisclosed location off the coast of Ibiza, where up to 10 guests can share 400,000 square meters of Mediterranean paradise. The five-bedroom, fully staffed, $170,000 a week estate has it all: a helicopter pad for dramatic arrivals, a 145-square-meter pool, a bird sanctuary, nature preserve, personal trainer, nanny and masseuse. Not to mention the biggest perk of lounging in a private island: being surrounded by your own private beach every which way you turn.

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