12 Stunning Metropolis Time Lapse Videos

Get ready to embark on a globetrotting urban adventure from the comfort of your own couch. The following time lapse videos turn global meccas into LED-lit ant colonies for us to inspect. Despite the chaotic nature of these cities, the videos actually induce a relaxing effect for the viewer. The ambient soundtrack probably plays an important part in that. To jumpstart the visual journey, I have chosen a time lapse video featured above of all the flights that depart out of San Diego’s international airport on any given day. Surreal, simple and beautiful. More favorite time lapse videos below.

San Francisco



Los Angeles

Various Cities


New York City

Hong Kong

San Francisco



Bonus: Music video for Kalle Matson’s “Water Falls” has us zooming past all different nooks and corners of San Francisco at hyper-speed. Think of it as Superman holding your hand and being your personal tour guide.

Oscar Raymundo
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