Wolverine Is the Best Disney Princess

When Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment in 2009, little did they know they had also acquired their best Disney princess to date: Wolverine.
The hairy, temperamental anti-hero from the X-Men universe who has adamantium claws coming out of his knuckles? It might be hard to envision but a team of Tumblr illustrators, led by David J. Prokopetz, has done just that.

Now, Wolverine certainly doesn’t look the part… but we can help with that, can’t we? After all, Disney has always taught us that it’s what’s inside that counts, and what better Fairy Godmothers could a man ask for than the assembled artists of the Tumblr-verse?

There you have it! Take away the superhero costume, replace it with a pretty dress, add some flowery final touches and tah-dah! We’ve got pretty clear proof that Wolverine is the best Disney princess.

Below are some of my favorite Fairy Godmother/Tumblr Artist re-imaginings. And if you can’t get enough of these illustrated mash-ups, check out more of them over at Wolverine Is the Best Disney Princess on Tumblr.

Featured Illustration by Olivia Bronson

Oscar Raymundo
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