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“Less looking, more singing” seems to be the collective response over HBO’s new series about gay men in San Francisco who’ve never taken a tap dance class.
“It’s a crime against humanity having Jonathan Groff, a Broadway and Glee heartthrob, as the lead of this show and for HBO not give the target audience exactly what they want: his version of ‘Let It Go,'” wrote Spencer James of Seattle’s Gay Press Express, after he realized that there no choreographed musical numbers in the show’s first season. “What a bore!”

Creator Michael Lannan and his staff of writers have caught on to the criticism.

“Have you guys ever seen an indie movie? This is a character study, not a fast-paced thriller,” Lannan told a rowdy town hall gathering outside the West Hollywood Library to address the egregious, tone deaf misrepresentation of the gay community.

“TV is supposed to be entertaining though!” Shouted a short man holding a breathless pomeranian.

“It’s not TV, it’s HBO,” HBO’s Brand Manager reminded the crowd over a megaphone.

According to HBO’s VP of Multiculti Programming, Looking is the first series whose audience felt compelled to send handwritten letters of concern.

“We needed to set up a dedicated P.O. box and employ a full-time gay community relations specialist to help us sort through all this fantastic constructive criticism,” he said.

So for Looking season 2, which will premiere after a rerun of Britney Spears’ 2001 HBO Concert Special, showrunners have recruited a completely new creative and writing team, including James Franco, McG, Rob Marshall, Leslie Jordan and Todrick Hall.

“We thought, what if instead of trying to depict the real lives of gay men in San Francisco, we depicted the lives of leather daddies who break out in song and dance. And it’s all in black and white, just because,” Lannan said, raising his hands and doing a bit of the old spirit fingers routine. “Who doesn’t like a musical extravaganza?!”

Pilot screeners have been sent to every gay person with more than 1,200 Twitter followers. Early response seems to be positive. According to the gay community, they are collective “gagging” over this “flawless” new direction.

So without further ado, Looking season 2:

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  • I like the show a lot. I love this piece even more. I know the blonde in the film. He’s a friend of mine.

  • Ok just cause the show is about gay characters what does it have to be camp? Why does it have to have these stereotypes?
    I love the first season and find it really interesting and realistic – please don’t mess around with it and make it some semi dram broadway musical – it will loose all it’s appeal if you do that.

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