Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your favorite memories with a loved one. But what if you’ve been extra busy lately, especially if you’re at the point of your life where your career is a priority (I know, sad excuse but it happens and supporting partners learn to adapt). Or maybe it’s not even that — maybe money is tight. God knows the rent is too goddamn high and oftentimes the best gifts have a high price tag. Maybe a box of cheap chocolates is all you need to show that special someone your affection.
But what if you could give your partner a far more memorable gift that won’t cost you a thing. Check out these awesome love coupons for modern couples, priceless last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas. After all, money can’t buy all the good parts about being in a relationship.


I don’t send Snapchats, but I do enjoy every time I get them. Yet to this day I have yet to receive a naughty, nude pic from my boyfriend — you know, something that says “no one else is getting this tonight.”



House of Cards season two is available on Netflix now! Once Upon a Time is not.



You have to beg your friends to help you raise your Klout score. But with a live-in partner, you can demand it. Better yet, you can take their phone while they’re in the shower and go crazy liking, favorite’ing, retweeting and commenting on all your social media.



This one’s almost unnecessary. No one should be ashamed of stocking up on good lubricant or being proactive about spicing up their sex lives with toys. Going out to buy “Dragon Dildos,” however, is another story.



Research shows there are endless benefits to sleeping naked. Going to bed naked cools your body down which helps you sleep better. Being cooler also releases chemicals in your body to make your skin and hair look better while also decreasing your appetite for crappy food. More importantly, cuddling naked with your partner release oxytocin, the cuddle hormone that facilitates mind-blowing sex.

So if anything, give your partner all the benefits of sleeping naked this Valentine’s Day. It’s free, healthy, and increases your confidence and sex drive. Sexier relationships are happier relationships, it’s science.

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