From Russia with Hate: Daniel Arzola’s Posters Highlight Global Hate Crimes

Venezuelan graphic designer Daniel Arzola grew up in fear of being different.
“On one occasion, some neighbors tied me to an electrical post and threw fireworks at my feet. I was able to get out of that one, but some people don’t. In my city, a boy was burned alive for being gay. As he left school he was sprayed with gasoline and had a match thrown at him. Not a single means of communication here said anything about it,” he said in an interview with the Oregon Marriage Equality blog.

Today, Arzola is not so easily silenced. He has taken to his love of art to speak out against hate crimes and acts of violence towards LGBTs all over the world. Arzola’s series of posters, titled “No Soy Un Chiste” (“I’m Not a Joke”), highlight the hate, fear and violence that targets sexual orientation and gender identity.

These posters may resonate more profoundly when considering the recent uproar over Russia’s institutionalized anti-gay violence, but they also serve remainder that the LGBT community is being under attack all over the world. That despite the strides we’ve made in America, the rest of the world falls painfully behind.


View more posters here. And buy t-shirts with these designs here.


Oscar Raymundo
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