Mexico’s Worldwide Limited Makes a Stylish Splash

Inspired by the vibrant youth culture she discovered once she moved back to her native Mexico City, Carla Valdivia started Worldwide Limited, an e-shop and blog focused exclusively on highlighting Mexican designers and trendsetters.
Before Worldwide Limited, there was no proper platform for all this Mexican creative talent that was bursting at the seems of the smoggy metropolis. “We need to make it a Mexican identity,” Valdivia told The Cut. The fashion blog describes Worldwide Limited’s aesthetic as “bright pops of color, androgynous pieces, daring prints, unusual fabrics and a fun, youthful spin on urban style.”

Having worked at Dazed & Confused magazine and Opening Ceremony, the powerhouse fashion brand considered the pinnacle of contemporary cool, definitely influenced Valdivia to look for funky fresh designs to feature on the e-shop and blog. Worldwide Limited also followed Opening Ceremony in creating an in-house clothing line, a collaboration with formally-trained fashioned designers in Mexico.

According to Valdivia, Mexico City is one of the best cities in the world to launch a creative venture.

“Everything is so available here. If you have an idea for a piece of furniture, even, everyone knows a carpenter. For just being a creative person in general, it’s really appealing here,” she told The Cut. “With clothes, you just go to the pattern-cutter, go down to the center of the city and buy fabrics, and it’s done. I don’t know where it’s like that anywhere else.”


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