Betty Who’s Gay Dance Party in S.F.

Betty Who is every gay guy’s best friend: perky, cheeky, relatable, totally talented and self-aware. Her music is literally the soundtrack to uplifting, real-life gay romantic comedies. Betty Who also happens to be on the brink of what some would call superstardom. On Thursday, she proved her stage presence to a room full of homos at Popscene, for her very first live show in San Francisco. “I love it when Popscene gets really gay. It happens only so often,” my friend said.
The opening band, Holychild, delivered similarly-sophisticated California sun-soaked pop, or what Denys referred to sounding “like the band in Freaky Friday.” Fair enough. Betty came on relatively late for an 18+ show, and it was cute that she thanked the crowd for staying past even her very own bedtime. She continued her endearing onstage chatter all throughout the night, revealing her love for Beyoncé,  how all her songs are really about stupid boys and the feeling she gets when she thinks about her ex looking at pictures of her in glossy magazines. That’s right!

Watch the video above of Betty performing her new forthcoming single, “Heartbreak Dream,” which will be officially released next month. As a performer, she has come a long way from even her solo East Coast gigs late last year. She now has more confidence and exudes that it-girl stage presence needed in the pop world. Yet Betty has still retained her quirky girl-next-door personality. She’s kind of like the giddy band geek who just got asked to prom. Mix that with her usual high-energy jumping and power kicking and Betty is a force to be reckoned with.

Her vocal execution was pitch perfect. Halfway through her performance of “Giving Me Away,” there was a technical sound issue and her backing music track went out. But Betty powered through belting away to the challenging ballad. You can see the glitch and listen to Betty’s raw vocals in the video above at the 2:10-mark.

Perhaps the only issue with a Betty Who concert this early in her career is that she does not have nearly enough material, signaling a strong need for a full-length album ASAP. To fill an entire set, Betty also performed the banger “All of You” by her producer, Peter Thomas. Watch the video of that performance above. She then did a little known ditty by the Spice Girls titled, “Say You’ll Be There.”

Of course, the gays of San Francisco were not about to let Betty Who leave without performing her breakout hit, “Somebody Loves You.” During her encore of the gay anthem, I caught a glimpse of one of my friends finally dancing with the boy he had wanted to kiss all night.

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