The Sunrise Will Not Be Televised

Several media outlets, including really prominent ones like TIME and the Huffington Post, reported last week that China had discovered a new way of bringing light to the masses. According to reports, Beijing officials had begun to televise videos of the sun rising and other natural sky formations on oversized LED screens because the city’s smog had completely blocked out the people from seeing the sun.
According to Tech in Asia, Beijing is indeed blanketed with obstructing air pollution but the giant screens are not there to offer a beacon of light, if you will, they are simply travel advertisements.

Tech in Asia writes:

In truth, that sunrise was probably on the screen for less than 10 seconds at a time, as it was part of an ad for tourism in China’s Shandong province. The ad plays every day throughout the day all year round no matter how bad the pollution is. The photographer simply snapped the photo at the moment when the sunrise appeared. Look closely, and you can even see the Shandong tourism logo in the bottom right corner.

So there we have it, nothing to see here. Not even a fake sun.

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