Listen: Music from HBO’s ‘Looking’ Soundtrack

Update: Listen to all-new music from Looking season 2 soundtrack
We’ve been doing a lot of Looking this week. Now it’s time to listen. Check out some of the songs featured in the first few episodes of the new HBO series about a group of gay friends in San Francisco, premiering this Sunday.

The HBO Looking soundtrack includes queer alternative staples traversing generations, from Erasure to Hercules & Love Affair. Of course, we have the requisite indie hipster sounds of  Junior Boys and St. Lucia. The show’s music also pays homage to gay underground house disco (2 Bears) and 80s new wave. And for your gay club booty-shakin’, we get a banger from the most popular gay rapper in the world, Cazwell. All around, a very eclectic mix.

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St. Lucia – “All Eyes on You”
The 2 Bears – “Take a Look Around”
Hercules & Love Affair – “Raise Me Up”
Robert DeLong – “Basically, I”
John Grant – “Pale Green Ghosts”
Walk the Moon – “Tightrope”
Cazwell – “Rice and Beans”
Junior Boys – “Parallel Lines”
Goldroom (Feat. Chela) – “Adalita”
Storm Queen – “Let’s Make Mistakes”
Sylvester – “I Need Somebody to Love Tonight”
Erasure – “A Little Respect”

Listen to these songs (and more) from HBO Looking soundtrack on Spotify.

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  • Hi there, can you help me look for a song in the second episode of ‘Looking’? The scene was Patrick and Richie had just arrived into the club, right before Cazwell’s ‘Rice and Beans’ was played. Thank you 🙂

  • Fernando Avila

    please I am looking for the same song just when they are enter the club

  • Thank you so much !! Love the show and the soundtrack obviously !! It’s not in France that we could have a show like this one…Merci !!!

  • Hi guys, can anyone please tell me what’s the name of the song played in the final credits of episode 2? Thanks in advance!

  • Oscar Raymundo

    For anyone who’s interested, I am adding new songs featured in forthcoming episodes as the season goes along on Spotify.

  • hi, looking for the song being played during the club scene with Patrick and Richie, mainly when Patrick is jumping up and down in episode 2. it is neither, just because, nor rice and beans.thank-you

    • Oscar Raymundo

      I believe that’s Respect by Erasure as well. They play it twice in the second episode.

  • Thank you for doing this! Brings back my Club Universe days!

  • the song by john grant is called black belt from the pale green ghost album,regards

    • Oscar Raymundo

      They actually use both songs on the show, “Pale Green Ghosts” and “Black Belt” both from the ‘Pale Green Ghosts’ album.

  • Thank you so much! I was looking for those song´s titles for weeks. I had some of them without knowing…

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  • Hi. On Episode 2…there was a faint track at the beginning of the show that was playing when they were helping Augustine move. The track played after they drove down the hill and while they were crossing the bridge.
    Please help, Shazam is being annoying :/

  • Hi guys, can anyone please tell me what’s the name of the song played in the final credits of episode 3? Thanks!

  • Wow thanks so much dude, this has been a god-send

  • Does anybody know what song is being played on the new promo ?

  • What song is playing at the wedding in episode 7? Finally love?

  • Anyone know the song played during the end credits on the …for plus one episode?

  • Does anybody know the song patrick and richie dance at the club?

  • Great post. Thank you for that.

  • Thanks a lot for this.

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  • HiCan you tell me the song that’s playing when they’re driving across the bridge back towards San Francisco after Patrick and Dom help Augustine move?
    Many thanks,

  • La serie me parece muy realista, si le hace falta algo de acción, los soundtracks son muy interesantes.
    me gustó la canción de St. Lucia – “All Eyes on You”
    Me intriga la segunda temporada!!
    saludos desde México

  • Hi there, can anyone help me with this, please? I´m looking for the song played when Kevin is talking to Patrick about his “feelings” before having sex-

  • noahandtheboat

    Really? Are all this songs in the first season! Wow! And there are some that I catch with Shazam that you didn’t put on the list like ‘I Need Somebody to Love Tonight’ by Sylvester, and some more, and on the other side there are few that I didn’t recognize during the season. When you heard, for example, the Antony and the Johnsons song ‘Hope there’s someone’?

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