Will Cheyenne Jackson Get Naked on Ryan Murphy’s New HBO Show?

Cheyenne Jackson is coming to San Francisco this weekend to perform his sold-out one-man show. I interviewed the openly gay actor for my weekly column in The San Francisco Examiner and below is our interview.
Jackson gives us a sneak peek of the new Ryan Murphy show on HBO, why he’s ok getting naked for the cameras, how he got Sia to write songs for his new album and reveals he has always wanted to be a gay DILF.

I saw you on Andy Cohen’s show and your hair looks lighter. Is this a new look? Have you found that blonds have more fun?

I had just finished a movie in Texas for two months. The hair dresser and I were bored the night after it wrapped and decided to do something a little crazy and fun. But I definitely have more fun with black hair.

What can we expect from your show at Feinstein’s? Covers? New material from I’m Blue, Skies?

Definitely going to be performing songs from the new record, but it will include a few new songs and some covers.  It’s a very, very personal evening. I have had quite a difficult and transitional year, so I want the audience to be privy to that and share my story with them.

Are you excited to be coming to the gay mecca? Do you have any fun or interesting San Francisco stories?

Unfortunately I haven’t spent enough time in San Francisco to have any interesting stories yet, but I hope this trip changes that.


In the Blue, Skies music video you are seen giving some flowers to kids. Is pursuing the daddy track something you’ve considered?

Definitely,  I have known I was going to be a dad as long as I can remember.

In the new album you co-wrote songs with Sia. How did that relationship come about?

We met three years ago at the Out 100 photo shoot and it was love at first sight. She is a dear friend and one of the most musically sophisticated and innovative artist I have ever worked with. A wonderful human.

You also have a song with Charlotte Sometimes (I liked her on The Voice!), what can you tell us about that collaboration and how it came about?

We both write with SONY/ATV and got paired up. She is a great songwriter and our personalities came together like gangbusters. She is a Jersey girl and doesn’t take shit from anybody. We’ve written a couple big songs, one of which will possibly be the title track on my sophomore album. It’s a big, big song.  

You acted in 6 films in 2013 – are you going into 2014 with a similarly busy acting schedule? TV or movies?

Yes; I have a some movies lined up, two TV pilots, my one-man show at Disney Hall on April 26th, a musical in New York City. In addition to writing and producing, I have recently gotten into scoring for films. 2014 is going to be the year of no fear.

What can you tell me about the new Ryan Murphy pilot?

Not much… but I can say it explores relationships of all types, and will be quite the water cooler moment show. Blunt, witty and sexually intriguing.

The Performers had you showing off your body onstage and HBO is noted for its love of nudity. Do you have any caveats when it comes to baring it all for a role?

If it’s germane to the story, I have no problem.

Is nudity germane to the story in the Ryan Murphy show?

You’ll have to wait and see.  

Featured Photo: Karl Simone

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