‘Lucid Stead’ Art Shack Reflects the Lightspan of the California Desert

Palm Desert’s contemporary art collective, Royale Projects, commissioned artist Phillip K. Smith to transform a 70-year-old homesteader shack in the middle of Joshua Tree National Park into a work of art. The finished piece, Lucid Stead, is in visual tune with the span of a day in the California desert. The art shack shifts from a purely reflective mirror-like mirage in the daylight into an after glow at night, a colorfully LED-lit house under the stars.

“Lucid Stead is about tapping into the quiet and the pace of change of the desert,” says Smith. “When you slow down and align yourself with the desert, the project begins to unfold before you. It reveals that it is about light and shadow, reflected light, projected light, and change.”

Unfortunately, Lucid Stern is no longer open to the public, but in addition to the three videos of the installation already embedded here, Royale Projects provided a full gallery below.

Oscar Raymundo
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