Take It from Me: Iggy Azalea on Record Label Funding and Dumbing Down Her Lyrics

In this installment of Take It from Me, female rapper Iggy Azalea talks about why it’s a positive to have white rappers in the music industry and how things have changed for new artists looking to get money from “old, white guys” at the record labels.
“A record label never chose to put money into me, not in a million fucking years,” she starts at the 4:25-mark. “But I went on the internet and people connected. [Record labels] don’t dictate it anymore, they’re at the people’s mercy. You can’t create a persona like you use to; there’s nothing to hide behind. I’ve never heard of one record label anymore, signing an artist that no one’s ever heard of with no fan base, especially in rap music. Because they’re scared. You have to foster a fan base and then they’ll give you some fucking money, a little bit. I’ve never heard of one person being like, ‘hey, I’m unknown, no one’s ever heard my shit and I have no fan base and I just got a million dollars because these old white guys think it’s cool.’ [Record labels] are way too much shitting their pants to ever do that.”

“Whatever it is that is getting money put into it is 100% dictated by what you consume, what you listen to, what you click on, what you like, what you comment on, and that’s that.”

Azalea continues about why she doesn’t believe the Illuminati is real and why she has to sometimes dumb down her lyrics. “You have to wrap it up in stupid paper for stupid people.”

Bonus: Watch Iggy Azalea’s brilliant response on getting compared to Kreyshawn and Nicki Minaj.

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