Gay Propaganda: 10 Queer Culture Trends of 2013

Monogamy, Marriage & Open Relationships
One of last year’s hot topics has become even hotter after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage, block kicking a series of equality wins in Illinois, Hawaii and… Utah? Now we don’t know if open relationship fit into the monogamous marriage mold we’ve been fighting for. HuffPost Gay Voices editor Noah Michelson gets so pissed off at the assertion that we have to “adapt” to heterosexual practices that he penned a rowdy manifesto, twisting plenty of boxer briefs.

Hip Hopping Over Homophobia

Macklemore’s “Same Love” was both hailed a gay anthem, and berated for borrowing a cause. Still, there is no denying that 2013 was hip hop’s “faggot” spring, describes Gawker’s Rich Juzwiak. But forget the chart-toppers, queer rappers like Le1f and Mykki Blanco continue to inch themselves closer to the mainstream.

Cyber Bullying Turns Into Real-Life Hate Crimes

Does it really get better? Not if Putin has his way. As the Sochi Olympics approach, can we expect more crimes against humanity? The anti-gay wave of hate certainly has hit home. BuzzFeed’s Saeed Jones and Thought Catalog’s Zach Stafford both experience the brutality of man-on-man crime.

Online Dating

As more gay men grow fatigued with Grindr, gay writers are reminiscing on the good old days when we used to fall in love over AIM, LiveJournal and MySpace. In the best story about ghosts of online dating past, Out’s Sam Lansky questions the blurred intentions of both his adult internet lover and his teen self. A more light-hearted, yet equally self-deprecating, example on the subject of online dating hopes and tribulations comes from Queerty’s Graham Gremore.

Porn, Problematic?

The year started with a string of gay porn star suicides, Conner Habib explains why. Habib faced his own personal porn dilemmas, bravely trying to bring frank discussion of pornography into the still stodgy world of academia.

Generation HIV

Thirty years later, we’re still sending bodies to the front lines of the war against HIV/AIDS. Infection rates continue, especially among young queer men of color. We now have a new generation of social media-savvy advocates fighting to minimize the fear and stigma associated with it. Gay men are not attending weekly funerals anymore, so Mark S. King argues that it shouldn’t be used as a scare tactic. Even though HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence, it still can have an emotional toll. The most humanizing and heartbreaking portrayal of this comes from The Advocate’s Brenden Shucart.


Selfies are not a narcissistic act of public insecurity, at least not for this brave Blaqueer blogger. For other queer folks of color with varying body shapes and gender nonconformists, selfies are a form of daily affirmation. We exist. Daily Dot’s Nico Lang explores building selfie-esteem in the trans community.

We’re All Racist

The Duck Dynasty crew seems straight out of the racism guidebook, but the folks over at HBO? Everyone’s racist! Even the people who make gay porn.

Gay Bros Come Out to Play

This year gave us new breeds of queer, like the gaymers and the gaybies. But perhaps more interesting were the gaybros. It sparked Slate’s J. Bryan Lowder to thoroughly research the self-minted subculture to include all the burning topics they presented, like internalized homophobia, cultural rejection and the idolization of masculinity.

What Disposable Income?

You want a Maserati? You better not spend all your savings flying to Vegas to go see Britney, bitch. Gay men have enjoyed a stereotype of being effortlessly wealthy. That was until the recession of 2008. Now young gay men who’ve chosen to pursue a creative, underpaid passion must make it work without a savings account. Out Front Colorado explores this trend within Denver’s gay alternative scene.

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