Hello. Come Inside Me.

Welcome to the all-new Confessions of a Boy Toy. And by all-new, I mean aaall-new. WordPress.com kicked me off their blogging site because they claimed I violated their Terms of Service with my prevalent posts about “pornography” (rude). One man’s smut is another man’s art — so fuck them! It’s actually a good thing because now I get my very own domain and a faster server.
You probably already noticed that the blog has now more of a magazine look and feel. Images are bigger! Sections are more succinctly organized! Two of my favorite new things about the new design:

1. Click on the search magnifying glass on the main header navigation bar and search for anything. Pretty cool right?

2. Perhaps the best new feature is that you can comment on main images now. Just click the image and type your comment.

In terms of content and focus… I had some time to think about this when my test server went down (#techsavvy). Before, I was beholden to no one so I would write and post about things I thought were interesting or inspiring, places I dreamt of going and stuff on my wish list. And apparently a lot of porn.

Some readers asked me, “Why did you stop writing about your dating life and tribulations?” And my honest answer is because everyone else started. Have you read the HuffPost Gay Voices recently?

Besides blogs rehashing the ups and downs of online dating, most blogs penned with a gay male perspective focus extensively on either celebrity pop gossip or LGBT rights and politics. There are a tons of blogs like that, and I’ve always known that Confessions of a Boy Toy was not in either of those spheres. Sometimes it took a skinny dip in there, but most of the times it was swimming in a whole different ocean. So what is it about then? I kept asking myself. Here’s the best I could come up with.

Confessions of a Boy Toy is a blog about grabbing life by the balls.

What does that even mean? Whatever I want it to be. That’s the glory of having your own blog. You are beholden to no one.

And the more things change, the more they stay the same. I will continue to be the sole writer here, but I am more prone to feature new writers every now and then. If this is you, email me with a kick ass pitch at omraymundo at gmail.

Oh also, my novel is coming out next year — so this blog will be the home base for all of that madness.


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