A Very Flaming Lips Halloween

Miley Cyrus dumps a bucket of blood, Carrie-style, on a man dressed like a prom queen as the eerie soundtrack to Halloween blares on. Talk about a post modern bloodbath. It’s a very Flaming Lips Halloween!
Wayne Coyne and Co. came to San Francisco’s Bill Graham Auditorium on October 31 and put on a highly-stylized freakshow fit for an unforgettable All Hallow’s Eve by the Bay. The concert consisted of the usual Flaming fare: oversized red balloons slowly hovered over the crowd like blood droplets in a lava lamp, Wayne’s mic was hooked up to lit-up arteries that spread across the stage and everyone was wearing costumes.

“If you want to wear your costume tomorrow and everyday, don’t let the motherfuckers stop you,” Wayne told the crowd.

Photos: A Bear Knows

Oscar Raymundo
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