Orée Gadgets Create a Wireless Wooden Workstation

French studio Orée has mastered the art of sophisticated, casual design. Their new line of hand-carved wooden computer and smartphone accessories prove that gadgets don’t have to be overly adorned to make a statement.

Despite the impeccable craftsmanship, Orée’s accessories may seem simple but they also boost impressive technology that relies on creating an entirely wireless workstation. Say adieu to bundled cables and missing plugs, Orée helps solidify not only the look of your workstation but also the way you work entirely.


I call this blocky-chic.


The entire Orée hand-carved wooden collection.


The keyboard is constructed out of one piece of wood so each key matches the overall look. It is also equipped with bluetooth connectivity so that cables and plugs don’t disrupt the flow of the wooden workstation. The keyboard costs €150.00.


If your smartphones is equipped with Qi wireless charging technology, than simply place it on top of this Wireless Power Pebble, available in wood (maple or walnut) or in marble (red or white). It costs €110.


Unfortunately the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy phones don not feature Qi wireless charging, but Orée has designed a solution for those smartphones. It’s called the Power Sleeve. Made of leather and maple or walnut, the attractive case amps up your device with Qi wireless power so that then you can rest it on top of a Power Pebble. It costs €90.

Orée products can be purchased online here.

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